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About ALC India, a social enterprise in livelihoods

Project Director - Employment Generation Program (Hyderabad)


The main objectives of the Employment Generation program are as follows:

(1)EGP domain intends to impart trainings to Board of Directors, shareholder farmers of the company, primary producers, village youths on the skills needed to initiate and develop self-employment or to connect with common enterprise. The trainings impart knowledge on the attitudes required to pursue a new business venture to improve their livelihoods and actively participate in community development process.

(2) Sustainable organizations and networks have capacity to advocate for poverty reduction to achieve the same ALC India is delivering the various capacity building and skill development training to primary producers, village youths to making them aware of economic issues and generating an understanding of entrepreneurial skills in a practical way.

Project Director - Employment Generation Program (Hyderabad)


Human Resource Management

1. Assist with the recruitment, selection, management and supervision of project staff
2. Capacity building and mentoring of team and partners, and in particular the project managers
3. Ensure that all State level staff and selected partners are aware of, and have the capacity to fulfill, their
4. responsibilities and functional roles for project implementation
5. Work as a positive team member and contribute to the objectives of ALC India in all respective States

Financial Management and Administration
1. Management of the project budget and approval of requisitions, advances and expenses
2. Preparation of cost and work plans and submission of timely funds requests
3. Regular analysis and narrative reporting on financial reports
4. Project financial planning, budget management, and financial reporting in accordance with FMA and ALC India requirements
5. Development of effective financial and activity planning systems in accordance with ALC India standards
6.Ensure that project expenditure remains within budgetary line items and according to contractual agreements
7. Ensure that all administrative records are maintained and regularly updated in line with ALC India policies (e.g. equipment inventory lists, schedules etc.)

Project Cycle Management
1. Management of project staff, budgets, and implementation
2. Provision of technical and programmatic leadership to ensure the quality implementation of project activities, Training programs and achievement of objectives
3. Provide management support, strategic planning, supervision and direction for the implementation of the project
4. Plan and coordinate, with the team working in different States and support as required
5. Development of Annual work-plans, all reports and individual work-plans

Business Development
1. Design, establish and manage appropriate project monitoring and evaluation framework;
Provide and facilitate technical advice to ensure project outputs are effected to nationally accepted sectorial standards
2. Produce monthly, interim and final narrative and financial reports that meet the requirements of the donor, ALC India and project staff and partners
3. Representation with a variety of partners including coordination with relevant Government authorities, CSR Partners, NSDC and other organizations and non-government organizations
4. Ensuring the quality of training program, targeted community participation, attendance during assessments and cooperation of various partners
5. Attend Government, partners, institutions and NGO meetings that may relate to project activities and ensure cross agency collaboration
6. Enlist the cooperation and assistance of Government departments, CSR partners and NGOs where and when it is required, to ensure achievement of project objectives and business development

Project Director - Employment Generation Program (Hyderabad)


QUALIFICATION: Master’s Degree in Development, Business Administration, Sociology or other related fields or equivalent combination of academic degree and professional experience.

1. 8 years’ experience in proposal writing, business development, trainings and capacity building programs especially with primary producers.
2. Relevant project management experience in training, capacity building, producers own institutions, micro finance/agriculture.
3. Good English skills, both written and speaking; knowledge of spoken Hindi, Telagu, Odiya languages will be an advantage
4. Good interpersonal and communication skills are essential.
5. Proficiency in using computer software, including: Word, Excel, Outlook
6. Track record in designing and executing successful training programs
7. Familiarity with traditional and modern training methods (mentoring, coaching, on-the-job or in classroom training, e-learning, workshops, simulations etc.)


We would be delighted to hear from you. Please send your resume to hr@alcindia.org to apply for the position of Project Director.

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